Must-know things before visiting Hanoi on Tet

If you had to pick one holiday of the year as the most important to Vietnamese, the Tet Nguyen Dan would be the one. If you are planning to visit Hanoi, the Vietnam's capital on Tet, here are 5 things that you probably should know.

A beautiful Hanoi in the winter

Boutique Hotels

HangMy Boutique Hotel

HangMy Boque Hotel is a modern hotel in Hanoi offering rooms with wooden flooring and free WiFi. Guests enjoy free daily coffee and can feast on Western and Asian dishes at the on-site restaurant.

The Light Hotel Hanoi

Hanoi Meracus Hotel 2

Hanoi Golden Holiday Hotel

Foods And Drinks

5 popular roasted nut and seed on Tet in Hanoi

Below are top 5 most common roasted nuts and seeds during Tet in Hanoi.

Places To Visit

5 Buddhist temples in Hanoi tourist can take a visit

One way to look at Hanoi spiritual culture is visiting sacred places for the Buddhists. During your trip in Hanoi, here are top 5 sacred places you can take a visit.

Things To Do